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Call for Abstracts

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Online Submission

Deadline for Abstract Submission: April 8, 2018

3rd International Equine Congress
October 5 - 6, 2018

Estrel Convention Center Berlin, Germany

You are kindly invited to submit abstracts for the 3rd International Equine Congress, jointly organized by the German Veterinary Medical Society (GVMS-DVG) and the German Equine Veterinary Association (GEVA-GPM) in Berlin, Germany.

All research abstracts will be presented as poster flash talks, where you will be given the opportunity to present your data to a broader public. We look forward to receiving many exciting research abstracts!

Additionally, case reports that shed new light on clinical work are welcome.

All submissions received will be reviewed by a scientific committee.

Please make sure to specify your presentation preference in descending order: oral presentation, poster presentation, NO poster presentation, NO oral presentation.

When submitting your abstract, please include the name, address, e-mail, phone and telefax number of the presenting author.

Submission. Abstracts must be submitted online via the electronic submission module. The deadline for receipt of abstracts is April 8, 2018. The online abstract submission site will be deactivated on April 9, 2018.

Conflict of interest statement. All potential conflicts of interest (actual or perceived; financial or personal) that could result in bias or the perception of bias have to be disclosed at the time of abstract submission. Conflict of interest occurs when an author (or someone related to the author e.g. family member, spouse) has a relationship with any entity that has an interest (direct or indirect) related to the submission.
Examples include:

  • any form of support (financial or otherwise) for the study described in the abstract, or for other work that the author is involved in.
  • financial relationships (which can be unrelated to the subject matter of the abstract) whereby the individual or a relative benefits by receiving a salary, royalties, consulting fees, speaker honoraria, ownership interests (e.g. stock or stock options), or other benefits.
  • indirect benefits i.e. where the author, or author's institution, benefits from the results of the study.  An example would be where the author (or their institution) runs a laboratory service which performs an assay that is discussed in the abstract.

Failure to declare a conflict of interest can lead to rejection of the abstract. Please note that it is best to practise 'full disclosure' and err on the side of caution; if in doubt, please include the item, and the Congress Committee will then decide whether or not it needs to be reported. Please include in the text box provided an explanation that includes the name(s) of the author(s) with the actual or perceived conflict of interest, name of the commercial entity, and the nature of the relationship.

Ethical approval. If experimental research was undertaken involving animals, the scientific committee requires approval from an ethics or welfare committee before the abstract can be accepted. This should take the form of an official letter from the ethics committee (or similar) and should be submitted as a PDF. Please submit this at the same time as submitting the abstract. Abstracts cannot be accepted if appropriate ethical approval has not been awarded. Conditions that may exempt the study from the need for ethical approval (e.g. use of left over samples collected for routine diagnostic procedures) should be clearly indicated in the abstract.

Copyright. By submitting a research abstract and submission form, the author(s) transfer(s) copyright ownership.

Evaluation. All abstracts will be evaluated anonymously using the following criteria: scientific content, experimental design, animal welfare, and relevance to equine medicine. The corresponding author will be notified about the decision.

Format – layout. The conference language is English. Therefore abstracts have to be submitted in English and oral presentations have to be held in English. Please follow the details given here.

Please note that a statement "the results will be discussed" is not acceptable.

Changes *** PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING SECTION CAREFULLY AS THIS IS A COMMON SOURCE OF MISTAKES! *** Firstly, please note that abstracts are not edited after approval. Therefore, we advise you to proofread your abstract carefully before submission, since it will be printed exactly as submitted. Also, once the abstract has been reviewed, changes to the abstract cannot be accepted. If an error is subsequently identified, you are free to withdraw your abstract if you wish. During the abstract upload process, you will need to list all co-authors for your abstract.

In case you wish to modify your abstract, you may re-upload it online by April 8, 2018 (before review).

Please note that at least one author per accepted abstract must register for the conference. All authors will benefit from special rates.

Online submission. Online submission


Please address all technical questions to
CSM, Congress & Seminar Management
Industriestr. 35, 82194 Gröbenzell, Germany
E-mail: info@csm-congress.de

Please address all other questions to
Prof. Dr. Michael Röcken
Clinic for Horses (Surgery), Frankfurter Str. 108, 35392 Giessen, Germany
E-mail: MRoecken@t-online.de